The pre-sale has started

Order your copy of “Brave The Storm” in our webshop now!, we offer a package discount with CD+T-shirt!

Mark the date!

Op zaterdag 30 oktober a.s. presenteren wij ons gloednieuwe album “BRAVE THE STORM” voor de eerste keer LIVE in Gebr. de Nobel in Leiden! Kaartjes zijn te koop via…/tickets

Album release date!

On the 15th of October 2021 we willl release our first ever full-length album “BRAVE THE STORM” More info about pre-ordering coming soon!

Album update!

The songwriting and most of the recordings are finished, soon we will anounce the release date of the album.

Brave The Storm Crowdfunding campaign is live NOW!

The crowdfunding campaign to produce our first full lenght cd is live NOW!, visit the crowdfunding page to check the cool rewards we offer!

Crowdfunding campaign!

To produce our first full-length album, we will start a crowdfunding campaign very soon, with great rewards!


Gebr. de Nobel
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